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Project Management
G&W Builders has been very successful in bringing together the owner, the owner's architect and engineer, local building authorities, inspectors, and subcontractors for a successful project completion. We take great pride in being able to work with these various concerns to bring the project in on time and within budget.

Modifications, Repairs & Replacements
We are adept at facility and plant modifications consisting of repairs and replacement of roofs, walls and structural members of either concrete, steel or wood. We perform this work with a minimum of interruptions to your normal operations thus avoiding downtime, loss of production or tenant interruptions.

Conventional & Pre-Engineered Buildings
In addition to conventional construction techniques, G&W Builders is an award winning builder of pre-engineered building systems, mezzanines and structural systems.  With this option we can provide the highest quality of construction at the lowest possible costs. We suggest you check out our manufacturer's website:
                           Star Building Systems Home Page

Now that you have some insight into our company's capabilities we invite you to contact us for additional information at 1-800-529-9935. Or send an email to estimating@gwbuilders.com.