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Bart Starr, Spokesman for Star Building Systems

  Pictured:  Estimator Bill Greer , NFL HALL OF FAMER Bart Starr , V.P. Mike Greer Sr and Project Manager Donn Stout at the Star Builders National Meeting in Florida, 2008.

Willy R. Woelk , President
A California Civil Engineer practicing under License No 21854, Willy has over forty years experience designing, engineering and supervising construction of buildings in the USA,  Europe, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Willy received his degree from the University of Hamburg School of Engineering.

Mike A. Greer Sr. Vice-President
Mike Greer brings to the company thirty years of building experience. He served as a District Manager for Soule Steel and Varco Pruden Buildings and two years as Vice-President of Wilminton Steel Construction Co., where he started working as an ironworker. Mike has an Associates of Arts Degree in Construction Management and Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Economics and Political Science from California State University at Fullerton.